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81 Prospect Street, 5th Floor, Brooklyn NY, 11201

1. Purpose of the Website and Legal Notices

ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. offers services in the development, marketing and operation of audiovisual equipment.

ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. is specialized – among other things – in automated audiovisual production systems. allows ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. to promote its activities and services, and to publish articles and news.

The Terms of Use may be updated at any time, without notice. It is therefore advisable for the User to visit the website regularly. The updates are applicable as soon as published online.

If a provision in the present Terms of Use were to be declared inapplicable or invalid for any reason, the inapplicability or invalidity shall not affect the application and validity of the other provisions of the Terms of Use.

2. Usage of the Website is freely available to the User for its personal use, subject to the conditions indicated below. The usage of the website implies the full and entire acceptance of all terms of use. may not be used to make speculative, false or fraudulent requests.

The User shall be at least 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to contract and use this website in accordance with the Terms of Use.

3. Copyrights – Intellectual Property

ATRIUM SPORTS, INC is the owner of the intellectual property rights of all elements (photographs, logos, drawings, graphs texts, videos,…) but also of copyrights, patents, know-how, confidential information, rights regarding databases, trademarks and designs, registered or not on the website

It is therefore prohibited to reproduce, modify, transfer or use all or part of the website without the express and written permission of ATRIUM SPORTS, INC.

4. Downloading

Any downloading of data from the website is solely at the own risk of the User.

The User acknowledges that the use of the online services is not without any risk. As such, ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. may not be held responsible for any damages caused by viruses or computer worms following the downloading of data from the website

5. Processing of Personal Data
Certain personal data relating to the User of the website may be collected such as when the User fills in the contact form, quotation form or demo request, or via the use of cookies or web beacons (see point 10).

In this context, the entity responsible for processing the information is ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. whose head office is situated at 81 Prospect St., Brooklyn, NY, 11201.

ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. may process personal information to: manage the visitors of the website, provide client administration, promote products and services, or establish direct marketing campaigns including through email.

At any time and without any particular reason, the User may object to the processing of its personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Certain Users may have the right to access or rectify their personal data, or the right to delete data, as prescribed by the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data.

In order to invoke the right to access, rectify or delete data, contact ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. at the following e-mail address: or by mail at the address of the head office of the company.

6. Data Security

ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. makes use of multiple security systems in order to protect the personal data of the User. But ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not access the website in order to use data illegally.

7. Hypertext Links Leading to Other Websites

The website may contain hypertext links leading to other websites. The mere fact that these links are present on the website does not in any way mean that ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. agrees with the ideas or opinions behind these websites, nor does it mean that a partnership or associative ties exist.

ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. cannot be held responsible for the content displayed by any website referenced by hypertext links.

8. Rights of ATRIUM SPORTS, INC.

ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. reserves the right at any given time and without prior notice:

a) to modify the advertisements, offers, online information,
b) to modify certain services,
c) to restrict access to its website in case of technical problems or when ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. notices an abusive or inappropriate usage of the website.

9. Liability of the User

The User of the website agrees:

a) not to use this website for illegal or detrimental purposes,
b) not to interfere with the access to the website, nor to disturb or modify the website, nor to render it less operative or to cause prejudice to the website, ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. or third parties,
c) not to make use of the website in order to transmit or distribute computer viruses or prejudicial or illegal information,
d) not to jeopardize the intellectual property rights on the website,
e) not to send or transfer any unsolicited message,
f) not to collect or retain personal data relating to other users unless special authorization given by those users.

10. Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies and web beacons may be sent to the computer of the User when he visits the website

Cookies are computer files, saved on the hard drive of the User of a website, upon request of the server managing the visited website, which ensures an adequate technical functioning of the website as well as smoother and faster web browsing.

Web beacons are small electronic graphic images which allow the website to track the number of visitors who have accessed a specific page. The data collected by the web beacons are the IP address, the name of the host computer, and the name of the version of the operating system and web browser used.

Any User of the website may delete or disable cookies and web beacons from its hard drive and/or configure its browser software in order to prevent their reception. Blocking cookies and/or web beacons may however hinder browsing on the website.

11. Limitation of Liability

ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. may under no circumstances be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or punitive damages (including but not limited to, damages for loss of activities, contracts, incomes, information, or any other data contained in the User’s information handling system or from business interruptions) resulting from, arising out of or relating to the use or the inability to use this website or its content, even if ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. was advised of the possibility of the occurrence of such damages.

In addition to the stated conditions, ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. may under no circumstances be held liable for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or other defaults or unintentional or inaccurate information contained on the website.

This limitation of liability also applies to any third-party website.

12. Applicable Law

The present terms of use are subject to the laws of the United States of Amerida. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or performance shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of the State of New York.

13. Contact

You may contact ATRIUM SPORTS, INC. with regards to the current terms of use via the following email address :

14. Editor of the Website

The editor of the website is ATRIUM SPORTS, INC., whose head office is situated at 81 Prospect Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, registered with the State of Delaware.

15. Hosting

The hosting company of the website is : WP Engine.