Changing the Game

Atrium Sports is changing how sport is organised, played, commercialised and experienced around the world.

We are helping federations, leagues, clubs, coaches, referees and players to increase their performance – on and off the field.

Atrium Sports puts best practice technologies within reach of sports at every level, to enable them to create new content, engage fans and open commercial opportunities that help grow sport.

This is a game changer.

See more, know more,
do more, play more

Atrium Sports’ is integrating the world’s best sport technologies to deliver automated video capture, enhancement, production and distribution solutions and expertise.

Technology is changing how fans consume sport, creating challenges and opportunities.

It drives opportunities to develop players, engage fans, grow participation and reach new audiences. It enables federations, leagues and clubs to raise their game and popularity, attracting more sponsors, funding and demand for content.

Until now only the richest leagues and clubs have been able to afford to film and broadcast games and benefit from the cycle of opportunity and growth.

Demand for content and digital technology is changing this, making the benefits a reality for federations, leagues and clubs at every level of sport.


More exposure to create more fans and more sponsor interest.


Meeting the demands of fans to choose what they see and when they see it.


More insights for managers, coaches, players and referees to inform how decisions are made.


More content, more revenue, more sponsorship opportunities and a greater return on investment.

the game

Through greater reach, awareness and opportunities to fund expansion and grow participation.


The ability to do more, quicker, better and with less investment.