About Us


Atrium Sports has a track record of delivering technology solutions that have transformed the game and the fortunes of sporting bodies. We are backed by Elysian Park Ventures, a US-based, private investment firm that shares our commitment to sports, technology, and entertainment.

We are dedicated to delivering revolutionary sports and technology solutions for the benefit of sports and entertainment of fans.

To make this happen we are bringing established technologies, innovators and sports partners into a thriving ecosystem and ensure the benefits are returned to our sports partners and their fans.

Synergy Sports Technology

Synergy Sports Technology is the premier sports technology product for professional coaches and front offices in the areas of athlete selection/recruitment, opponent scouting and player development. Synergy Basketball is used by every coach and front office in the NBA, WNBA and G-League. Every NCAA Division I men’s and women’s basketball coaching staff, every Division II staff, 95% of Division III staff, 90% of NAIA staff. Over 250 U.S. Junior Colleges also use Synergy Basketball. Combined, Synergy products are used by 300+ international professional and National teams. 




Keemotion is the market leader in automated video capture, providing their technology and expertise to sports worldwide since 2012. In 2019 Keemotion merged with Atrium Sports to offer a technology stack that provides broadcasters, leagues, and sports teams with an end-to-end fully automated production solution


The Team

The Atrium Sports team is a fan of sport – the game, the business and the technology.

Since 1999 our dedicated team has worked together pioneering technology and rolling out award-winning products integral to sports.

We are coaches, players and administrators. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of all sport stakeholders – international federations, national federations, leagues, clubs, teams, players, referees, fans, sponsors and media – and are known for putting the benefit of our clients and sport at the heart of what we do.

We believe in co-developing new assets in partnership with sport to help them better manage their organisations and to help commercialise assets in order to help grow-the-sport



Since 2004 FIBA and members of the Atrium Sports leadership team have been collaborating to help member federations and leagues around the world improve operations, increase fan engagement, grow participation and create new revenue streams that fund the sport’s development.

On August 28th, 2019 we announced a landmark partnership and shared vision with FIBA to deliver the FIBA Connected Stadium to help make basketball the most popular, innovative & digitally advanced sports community in the world.


Elysian Park Ventures

Elysian Park Ventures (EPV) is a private investment firm operating at the intersection of sports, technology, and entertainment.

They have a long history of investing in entrepreneurial companies, channelling their experience and every resource they have available to help the entrepreneurs they partner with.

EPV believe new technologies and social dynamics are changing the way we experience sports, creating unprecedented opportunities to
innovate and shape the future.

Sport is at the heart of their business and they have a passion for new technologies to make it better. They understand the sport ecosystem and the important role played by youth sports. They believe sport teaches young people key life skills and to become better contributors to today’s society.