Our approach is to develop world class technologies and partner with leading brands to provide sports a one stop shop for best practice solutions. We make the complex simple by offering expert support and advice to simplify the challenges and priorities the digitally connected world presents.


Automated Video Capture

Keemotion’s patented autonomous video production technology uses advanced computer vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence
solutions to capture every minute of action.

It produces content for live streaming games to reach a widespread global audience and power coach, player development, referee and game management applications.


From anywhere fans can watch the game and view the statistics, when and how they want.

For Players
and Coaches

Tagged video offers immediate
analysis of athlete and team performance.

For Referees
and Officials

By streaming footage, referees and officials can view replays and hone in on specific points on the floor.

Enhanced Visual Overlay (EVO)

EVO is a cloud-based broadcast graphics system with the functionality to integrate sponsor messaging and monetise live streams.

It runs over the top of video content with official game stats, automatically producing graphics to engage fans with insights on players, the team, action or the entire game.

EVO can be customised to incorporate team colors and club logos. It displays the official game clock, scores, game and player statistics,
player photos, and can integrate with sponsor branding and messages.